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Summer is a great time for ĢƵ ĢƵs to take lessons learned in the classroom and apply them in professional settings.

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230 years of public service

UNC-Chapel Hill is at the heart of what’s next, preparing talented students from different perspectives and life experiences to become creators, explorers, entrepreneurs and leaders. ĢƵ ĢƵs develop a voice for critical thought and the courage to guide change.

ĢƵ’s nationally recognized teaching, groundbreaking research and dedication to public service continue a legacy that began when the ĢƵ was chartered in 1789 and opened to students four years later.

  • 1stand only public university in the United States to award degrees in the 18th century.
  • No. 4public school in the country in U.S. News & World Report's 2024 Best Colleges rankings.
  • 61national championships won by the ĢƵ ĢƵs

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  • Overhead image with two people's hands seen finishing paintings, one of which is of the Old Well.

    ĢƵ Arts at ĢƵ

    Central to the ĢƵ ĢƵ experience, the arts at ĢƵ are vibrant thanks to our students, faculty and staff and community members.

  • A graphic illustrating computer science and data science research

    ĢƵ forefront of AI research

    Learn how ĢƵ researchers across campus are finding creative ways to use artificial intelligence for the greater good.

  • Two students taking a selfie in front of a bell tower lit ĢƵ Blue at night.

    ĢƵ ĢƵ traditions

    Watch the Bell Tower lighting the night before the first day of class. Relax in the sun on Polk Place. Cheer on the ĢƵ ĢƵs in Kenan Stadium. ĢƵ is filled with traditions — some that date back for decades and others that are new — that students cherish today.

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  1. Exterior photo of the Graduate School.

    Graduate Student Orientation

    George Watts Hill Alumni Center

    Wed, August 1409:00 am

  2. Exterior day photo of main campus quad with NC flag in foreground.

    New Student Convocation

    Dean E. Smith Center

    Sun, August 1805:00 pm

  3. First day of classes

    Mon, August 19

  4. Sunset Serenade

    Polk Place

    Mon, August 1907:00 pm